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Responsible relations with our communities

The energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation and our emphasis towards social and environmental factors, together with an inclusive approach, allows us to create long-term value for Enel and for the communities in which we operate. This model has been incorporated along the entire value chain: analyzing the needs of communities right from the development phases of new activities; taking account of social and environmental factors in the establishment of sustainable worksites; managing assets and plants to make them sustainable development platforms to the benefit of the territories in which they are located. Another development was the broadening of this approach in the design, development and supply of energy services and products, helping to build cities that are increasingly sustainable and deploying new technologies and circular economy approaches.

Enel is committed to respecting the rights of communities and to contributing to their economic and social development, interacting every day with a multitude of stakeholders.

In 2018, Enel, with over 1,600 projects and about 7 million beneficiaries,17 made a concrete contribution to the establishment of ecosystems in the countries in which it operates to guarantee access to electricity in rural areas and address inadequate power supplies (SDG 7), promoted the economic and social development in the communities (SDG 8) and supported quality education (SDG 4).

Contributing to this were also more than 700 partnerships with local organizations, social enterprises, universities, international associations and non-governmental organizations in the various countries.

17 Beneficiaries are those for whom a project is implemented. Enel only considers direct beneficiaries in the current year. The number of beneficiaries includes the activities and projects carried out in all the areas in which the Group operates (including companies accounted for using the equity method, foundations and non-profit organizations and the companies involved in the Build, Sell and Operate process).