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Customer management

Our constant focus on the customer and our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services are important factors that distinguish Enel in the relationship with its customers in the various countries in which the Group operates. In 2018, the average number of power and gas customers came to about 68 million, an increase over 2017 mainly as a result of the acquisition of Eletropaulo in Brazil.

The quality of Enel’s services is closely linked to the reliability and efficiency of the transmission and distribution infrastructures, which must be able to handle the levels of demand. In coordination with the other entities that operate in various roles on the grid infrastructure, Enel implements constant development and efficiency efforts aimed mainly at reducing the number and duration of service interruptions.

Enel’s leadership position has been gained thanks to the attention we place on the customer in providing quality services: aspects that concern more than just the provision of electricity and/or natural gas, extending, above all, to intangible aspects of our service that relate to the perception and satisfaction of our customers. Through our products for both the residential and business markets, the company confirmed its focus of the last few years, with dedicated offers with a lower environmental impact and a concentration on the most vulnerable segments of the population. In fact, all the countries in which the Group operates provide forms of support (often linked to government initiatives) which assist these segments of the population in paying their electricity and gas bills, so as to give everyone equal access to electricity. In Spain, Endesa implemented various agreements in 2018 with local authorities to facilitate payment of electricity bills by low-income customers, and to avoid disconnection and late payment charges. Likewise, in Italy for a number of years we have been offering a discount to residential customers experiencing financial hardship and to those dependent on electrical lifesaving medical devices (the so-called “social bonus”).

Enel has also established numerous processes to ensure customers receive a high level of service. In Italy, the commercial quality of all our contact channels (customer service calls, Enel Points and stores, utility bills, app, e-mail, social media, account manager, fax) is ensured through systematic monitoring of the sales and management processes in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and respect for the privacy, freedom and dignity of our customers.

Enel also confirms its interest in digitalization, electronic invoicing and new services.

With Enel X, we offer innovative solutions to residential customers (technological solutions for smart homes, home automation, solar and photovoltaic systems, boilers, maintenance services, lighting, etc.), government customers (public lighting, monitoring services for smart cities, surveillance systems, etc.) and large customers (demand response services, consulting and energy efficiency solutions). We also promote electric mobility through the development of public and private research infrastructures.

Customers by geographical area

Average No.
- Italy25,602,09626,420,058(817,962)-3.1%
- South America (1)22,585,29618,044,2154,541,08125.2%
- Iberia10,799,97410,941,644(141,670)-1.3%
- Romania2,921,3532,782,014139,3395.0%
Total electricity customers 61,908,71958,187,9313,720,7886.4%
Natural gas:
- Italy4,103,7904,003,484100,3062.50%
- Spain1,589,6301,550,42439,2062.50%
- Romania35,0122,42132,591 -
Total natural gas customers5,728,4325,556,329172,1033.10%

(1) The increase in customers is attributable to Brazil as a result of the acquisition of Eletropaulo in 2018.