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Creating value for stakeholders

Enel’s stakeholders are individuals, groups or institutions whose contribution is needed to achieve our mission or who have a stake in its pursuit.

The economic value created and shared by Enel gives a good indication of how the Group has created wealth for the following stakeholders: shareholders, lenders, employees and government.

Milions of euro
Income/(Expense) from commodity risk483578
External costs53,88153,680
Gross global value added from continuing operations22,27421,537
Gross value added from discontinued operations--
Gross global value added22,27421,537
distributed to:
Shareholders (1)2,7651,983
Enterprises (1)9,2669,282

(1) In order to improve presentation, the comparative figures for 2017 have been adjusted to take account of dividends actually distributed. Previously those authorized but not yet paid had been included.